3d mODELING AND animation : Clutch Mechanism


The Approach:

To begin, I consulted with the lead engineering expert witness to learn more about the function of the clutch and view its schematics. Once we had discussed my proposed approach, I was ready to proceed with the design process.

Preliminary Work:

My work began with sketches worked into a storyboard format with annotations. This method allowed me to make any alterations to the visual depiction of the clutch mechanism before I started creating the visuals.


I began the project by 3D modeling all of the parts depicted in the animation using Autodesk Maya. I then began to animate it in Maya according to my planned storyboard. Once I was satisfied, I rendered the animation to preview it, which allowed me to make alterations to the speed, as well as to the design of the 3D environment and colors.

The Result:

The final rendered animation was finished in Adobe Premier pro and delivered to the engineering expert witness for use as an explanatory courtroom visual aid.