User Interface Design : Journal APP

UI_Screen_1_Watermarked copy.png

The Approach:

My task was to design a unique diary application that offered a print option for a Deutsche Post promotion.

Research and Development:

I began with thorough research of competitor applications, taking note of their unique functions and shortcomings. From this information, I was able to select the best features and determine which unique functions and improvements might provide an advantage to the end user. This process involved active, long-term usage of multiple applications as I studied their individual community feedback.


My design approach began with sketches, which ultimately provided a basis for a more developed, on-screen prototype. The next phase included our own user-testing and collection of feedback.

The Result:

This application, released on the Apple App Store, allows users to catalog their trips and memories in an attractive, comprehensive way. Features include the ability to input important information like vacation photos, voice clips, weather information, activity tracking as well as providing a basic diary function. Users have the option to order a high-quality book version that documents their experiences directly from the application.